Activities on the Ranch

Other Dude Ranch Activities

Stagecoach Trails has a variety of activities besides horseback riding available throughout your stay. You can choose to be in all of them, some of them, or none of them at all! That is entirely up to you. Many of our guests find that when they come to the ranch their favorite activity when not horseback riding or eating our home-cooked meals, quickly becomes just good old relaxation. Our guests often like to relax by the swimming pool, in the Frontier Lodge, their rooms, in the courtyard reading or just enjoying the Arizona sunshine, wildlife,sunset, or stars at night!
For you more active folks, you can pay to rent one of our ATV's for a guided ride in the desert mountains. Ride the trails and explore the wilderness. Check out "Shot Up Well" a favorite target zone for the military during WWII. You might even find some old shells laying around. Drive by old Gold mines that made this valley popular back in the day or just enjoy the stunning scenery as you ride out in the badlands.

You can also use our mountain bikes for a quieter exploration of the cactus trails or just go out for a hike in the desert looking at the native wildlife. Who knows you may even see a roadrunner being chased by a coyote.
Another favorite activity during our warmer months is swimming and relaxing around our pool and enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful mountain views. For a more quieter activity take some time to relax in our Jacuzzi pool or just lay by the pool and sunbathe.

Step back in time and go on a wagon ride during the day or at night under a beautiful moonlit sky.
For a more relaxing day you can also challenge guests, family members, or staff to a game of horseshoes, billiards, board games as well as a variety of good old fashion outdoor games for the entire family.
On cooler nights the owner builds a fire in the courtyard so you can relax and talk about your beautiful day or sing campfire songs, or roast marshmallows for an after dinner snack.
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