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Our Beloved Horse Navajo Has Passed Away…

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Although we have all been enjoying the excitement of the happy baby news, we do have some sad news to pass on to all of you as well. We recently lost our very beloved horse Navajo to colic (a disease that can cause a horse’s intestine to twist causing death). We thought we caught it in time and everyone worked so hard to save him but it was not to be. We know he was loved by many of our guests and so we wanted to share this sad news with all of you. He will be very hard to replace. God blessed us with this wonderful horse for 5 years and we are very thankful he was a part of our ranch horse family. We all loved him and will miss him terribly.

Navajo with Disabled Riderdsc_5324-medium.JPGdsc_5326-medium.JPGimg_9457.JPG101_2095-medium.JPG

Donald and Donna Forbes….

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Donald and Donna ForbesDonald and Donna Forbes are now working at the ranch. Donald will be one of our new wranglers and has experience wrangling from Colorado Trais Guest Ranch. His wife Donna is the sister of the “Appleby boys” who have worked here in the past. She is a local and they are both very familiar with the local desert terrain and history. Donna will be helping out a lot around the ranch with housekeeping and kitchen work.