Happy Thanksgiving….

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We had a beautiful day here at the ranch with almost perfect weather of about 72 degrees and sunny. Everyone enjoyed a morning horseback ride, brunch, and an afternoon activity in the large riding arena. We had 7 different events including – sling shot, potato sack races, horseshoes, “calf” roping, “calf” dressing, ladder-ball, and “barrel racing.” Thanks to all the families who have returned for for there 2nd and 3rd Thanksgiving weeks in a row. We hope to see you all next year as well!

Barrel RacingBarrel RacingSlingshotBarrel RacingLadder Ball

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  1. Peter, Sue & Ethan Says:

    We wanted to say to all the staff and guests at Stagecoach Trails that we had a marvelous Thanksgiving week at the ranch. This stay was even better than last year’s.

    We all rode with more confidence and knowing our way around already made us feel real comfortable.

    And we’ll be back again for more of Randy’s yummy turkey next year–and we’ll probably see you all before then.

    We have more great memories to sustain us in the meantime: hanging out with Craig, being goofed on by Tedd, consuming Carrie’s delicious granola, playing with the dogs and new kitties. We were so glad to meet Mary; she’s a terrific addition to the family.

    I have plenty of pictures to send you way.

    best regards,
    Peter, Sue & Ethan

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