Sophie Comes Home To The Ranch…

The three of us made it all home safely on Friday night. Sophie even slept the entire way home, including the dirt road which was a major concern – especially for her first time in the car seat. She did great, but turns out she saved the crying for bedtime instead! Here are a few more pics to enjoy and thank you all again for your continued concern, thoughts, and prayers. It must of worked as everything went very well and we are very blessed to have a healthy little girl to enjoy.

Jeremy, Jodi, and SophieJodi and Sophiesophie-1st-day-63.JPGsophie-1st-day-73.JPG

10 Responses to “Sophie Comes Home To The Ranch…”

  1. Donna and Rich Engke Says:

    Congratulations! We are SO happy for you! Can’t wait to meet Sophie.

  2. Linda & Mark Mindel Says:

    Welcome Sophie!!! Gratulations on your wonderful new addition. We are so pleased for you. Thanks for the info and pictures. Sophie, Jodi,and Jermey all look great. Parenthood fits them well. Carrie and Dan, what can we say, being Grandparents is the best, ENJOY. Amy will have fun being an Aunt. Looking forward to meeeting Sophie and seeing you all again in March. We can swap first time Garandparent stories with you. Blessed are we to be blessed with little ones.

  3. Craig and Stef Howard Says:

    Congratulations and what beautiful pictures. We’re hoping to come out for the CC & R meeting in February. Will see you there. Take care. Best wishes, Craig and Stef

  4. Nancy Redmond Says:

    Congratulations! The two of you will make great parents. I look forward to seeing you all in April. Congratulations to grandma and grandpa too!

  5. Beryl & Colin Great Britain Says:

    Say, well done & welcome, great photos, Sophie sure looks a cracker & will break a lot of hearts when she grows up,we know how Dan & Carrie feel becoming grandparents & how you will spoil Sophie.Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

  6. Beryl & Colin Worrall Says:

    Well done and congratulations. Sophie is a beautiful baby and she will definitely break a few hearts, when she is older.
    We know how Dan & Carrie must feel, having their first grandchild. They will, no doubt, spoil her rotten.
    Love and best wishes,
    See you all in September.

  7. Annette D Says:

    Thanks for the great pictures, everyone looks great! You guys will make great parents, and Dan and Carrie look like naturals as grandparents! Enjoy her while she’s small, it goes so fast!!

  8. Jeremy Rynders Says:

    Thank you everyone for all the love and support. Sophie is doing well and can’t wait to meet you all!

  9. Andy & Viv Ireland Says:

    We are delighted to hear about baby Sophie, give her a big kiss from Jack & Ben and wish you all the best of luck with the new addition to the family. Hope to get back and see you’se before she’s all grown up x x. Take care!

  10. Dan Ysseldyke Says:

    Hey Jer & Jodi!

    Congrats on the birth of Sophie! Can’t wait to see you guys in March!
    Does this mean “Camp JerJo is closing?
    All the best!

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