Mill Springs Had A Great Two Weeks at STGR

Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch is very grateful and honored that The Mill Springs Academy returned the ranch for there 5th year in a row and not only came for 1 week but two full weeks! Wow! The week they are here is alway a welcome retreat from our normal routine at the ranch. They enjoyed many beautiful horseback rides, unforgettable karaoke nights, a overnight trip to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, a fun afternoon in Oatman, AZ, and a memorable trip to the Grand Canyon via the train from Williams, AZ. Jodi and I had Sophie right in the middle of their stay but luckily we planned ahead and my sister and brother-in-law, Vicki and Tony Just, filled in just fine. We also had a lot of help from Mary’s boyfriend, Scott, who was visiting. It was a great time and we can’t wait to hopefully see you all again next year. For more information on there school visit –

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  1. Carol Adams Says:

    Hi all,

    Kay and I were just raving about our annual trip to STGR today to a new student and her mother. We’re all starting to get excited and can’t wait till January. That got me wondering what was going on at the ranch and so I got online to visit your blog. Just a comment about this entry – it says that this was MSA’s 3rd year in a row to visit, but it was at least our 5th year in a row and maybe our 6th! But it really doesn’t matter, because we plan to keep visiting for many years to come. See you soon (well, not soon enough)!


  2. Kay "Cowgirl" Morrison Says:


    Carol and I just noticed that you’re looking for a couple of wranglers in the Spring. I’m sure we could handle all the “old timer” rides, and we’re real good at shoveling horse manure.

    We work with hormone-charged teenagers, so breaking in a crazy horse would be old hat to us.

    We’ll have all our duds packed up in a brown paper bag. Just send us the word and we’ll take the first bus out to Yucca.

    Happy Trails!
    (kiss Cherokee for me. . . on the lips!)

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