Trey Cochran Is Coming Back…

We have filled one of our wrangler positions when Trey Cochran saw our note on the website and wrote us immediately. He wrangled here in the Fall & Winter of 2005 and Spring of 2006. He is very experienced in the rodeo circuit and has been a wrangler on several ranches. We look forward to him returning back to Stagecoach Trails. He will be here from February through the end of May until he has to return to Canada for the beginning of the rodeo circuit. He loves to teach guests how to rope so don’t be afraid to ask him.

Trey Cochran

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  1. Annette - NY Says:

    The Doerr’s are delighted to see Tre’ is returning! We had a great time with him in the Spring of 2006. Glad to see he has recovered from his surgery and is back rodeoing again! Tell Tre’ that I’ve been working on my roping, and Bob’s been working on his poker game! We’ll be back!!

  2. sarah clark Says:

    as the last person as sayed i am happy ot hear that he is coming back his lesson in how to rope will stay with us for ever

  3. Franzi & Jochen from Germany Says:

    Oh, great news! We had so much fun with Trey on Stagecoach Trails in spring 2006. But so sad we can’t meet Trey again … we just returned from Florida and can’t go on another vacation that soon. But we’ll be back on Stagecoach, that’s for sure.

  4. Kevin Dolynny & family Says:

    We had such a blast of fun over New Years!
    Happy for you all that Trey is returning.
    Trey – if you get to Calgary, Alberta, Canada (especially during Stampede Week July 4 – 13, 2008) Look us up. We’re in the white pages.

  5. Howard Burger Says:

    I was a guest at another ranch and rode with Trey for a week. It was a working ranch but had great faclities for guests. Can you send me a brochure or any information you might have about your ranch.
    Thank you,
    Howard Burger
    70 Hamlet Drive
    Hauppauge, NY 11788
    (631) 327-1610

  6. Will Lucas Says:

    I am glad that tray is comming back to the ranch. I remember a couple of years ago tray taught me how to rope that fake stear that is out back behind the lodge. I will never for get that thanks tray. Your friend Will

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