Sophie is 5 weeks old!

Sophie is doing well and turned 5 weeks old. She is happy and healthy and enjoyed her first Valentine’s Day. A big Thank You! to Maurine and George Nelson who sent the Scottish Build-a-Bear all the way from Scotland!

dsc_2969_web.jpg dsc_2964_web.jpg

7 Responses to “Sophie is 5 weeks old!”

  1. sarah clark Says:

    nice to see that Sophine is getting some scotish culture at only 5 weeks old

  2. Annette D. - NY Says:

    Thanks for the new pictures! She’s adorable!

  3. denise h Says:

    What a lovely sight – she is perfect!

  4. Lisa Says:

    What a CUTE baby!!

  5. Tony & Joanne England Says:

    she is so adorable can’t wait to see her later this year

  6. Will Lucas Says:

    Hi Jermery & Jodi this is Will Lucas I love the pictures that you did for your grandma’s 50 birthday. Sophie has really gotting bigger since her Baptism it is really cool to see her grow up. I remember we were at the ranch we got the news that Sophie was born. We were all so happy that day for you and Jeremy. Love,
    Will Lucas

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t believe how big Sophie has got, can’t wait to have a cuddle from her. Will see you all soon.

    Love the Armstrongs (Scotland) xx

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