Havasu Stitchers…Sew What?

The Havasu Stitchers from Lake Havasu City (about 1 hour away) visited the ranch for the 3rd straight year for a weekend full of fun, sewing, and quilting. There were over 30 participants this year including one of our own – Mary Hansen who was happy to learn the art of paper stitching. Sewing from dusk to dawn only stopping for our home-cooked meals Thank you for visiting us again and we look forward to a wonderful weekend again next year!


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  1. Tina Benson Says:

    To Stagecoach Trails Staff: another wonderful time. I missed it this year and have been listening to the conversations by the rest of the Havasu Stitchers members that got to go. They had a great time – again! There was never a doubt. You always make us welcome and join in on our crazy fun. Thanks again and I won’t miss next year. This is great that you have this blog.

  2. Chris Groendyk Says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures. They brought back the wonderful memories that were made at the camp during our “retreat”. You are all wonderful and made sure we were all taken care of with the greatest of care. Looking forward to next year.

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