New Driving Directions Posted

While 90% of the guests find the ranch with no problems at all, the other 10% seem to get lost one way or the other. We have written some new directions so hopefully everyone can drive to the ranch without an extra phone call or missing a horseback ride or dinner.

Please pay attention to the alternate route that bypasses The Hoover Dam. Now that the high travel season has arrived The Hoover Dam can be especially busy in mid-afternoons and/or weekends. If you are in rush or don’t want to take a chance of a long delay, you may want to use the alternate route. However, The Hoover Dam route is the most scenic and is a very nice drive if you have the time. Also, remember you can go always use that route to go back to Las Vegas when you leave the ranch when you might have more time before your flight or checking into your hotel. If you have any questions please email or call us anytime at or 1-866-444-4471.

Link to Printable Directions (Adobe PDF)

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