Don’t Forget to Bring Your Pink Shirt…

About 2 years ago we had a group of ladies stay with us that were all breast cancer survivors. They wore pink the entire trip – everything was pink from socks and shoes to shirts to bandanna’s and hats. Ever since then we have created a tradition of all wearing pink shirts on Wednesday nights for dinner. If you care to join us please bring along your pink shirt!

We have so many returning guests this week that we got a large group of people wearing pink and Henry S. (5x returning guests) was nice enough to take a picture of everyone.

Wear Pink on Wednesdays at the Ranch

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  1. Annette Says: you tell us! That’s OK, it gave us the opportunity to buy some cool, pink STGR gear!! I’m going to start wearing pink on Wednesdays around here, it’s a great cause!

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