Horses Break Out and go for Haystack…

Wow, what a afternoon we had today. First of all the weather has been crazy the last 2 days – 3 days ago it was over 100 degrees and today it was in the upper 60’s to low 70’s during the day and it actually rained!!!! for the first time since mid-February. It was extremely windy one minute, and calm the next. While that is not crazy in itself, what happened 30 minutes before dinner indeed was – As I was walking up for dinner from my house (right next to horse pasture) It seemed that something wasn’t right, as there seemed to be a lot of horses running around and rearing up, but I thought for a second it might just be because it had been raining. After about 15 seconds I then realized that NO, a entire 1/5th of our corral full of horses had gotten loose, about 15 of them, and most were standing by the freshly delivered haystack having the “buffet of a lifetime” while a few others were showing off the fact they had escaped to the other horses still inside the other corrals – hence the rearing up and running around I had noticed. I called the wranglers down and we began to gather them one by one and most were cooperative. However, there were a few that wanted to have a little more “fun” shall we say (with the help of Tux our border collie herding them), and were not going to be caught just yet. And then came the rain! now it hasn’t rained in 3 months and we haven’t had this many horses get loose in many, many years, so the chances of both happening in one 20 minute period is slim to none. Nevertheless, it did, and not only was it raining, it was now pouring very hard making it very slippery, and it was so cold that a mixture of hail started to fall. They proceeded to run around and we calmly chased them knowing that eventually they would want be back with their buddies. They faked a move down the driveway, only to thankfully turn around, then they made a move towards another gate, then turned around, and eventually after about 10 minutes corralled themselves back into the pasture to be back with their friends and the abundance of hay we put down to entice them. So even though this all took about 20 minutes, it seemed like an hour, and we were totally soaked and dead tired after all that running around – no day is ever the same when you a ranch full of animals. Thank goodness none of us, or the horses got hurt, just a lot of exercise for the humans.

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  1. Colin Worrall Says:

    It would have been pure delight to see Craig RUNNING. See, even the horses realise he needed exercise. Only joking Craig…..honest
    See you in September,
    Beryl & Colin

  2. Franzi Says:

    Uh-oh … has someone shot some pics??? Just kidding – I know what happens when horses decide to have “fun” like this. We had a similar experience last fall when 10 of our icelandic horses made their way out of the corral.

    CU in September,

  3. Tony & Joanne England Says:

    well i hope you got this on film i would love to see you lot running in the rain see you in September
    Tony & Joanne

  4. Annette - NY Says:

    Hope the hay-buffet didn’t cause anyone to colic! Glad they were all rounded up timely, I bet they had a ball watching the humans run around for a change!! (Though I’m sure they were confused by the hail and rain!)

  5. Jeremy Says:

    No worries -they were only eating for a short time so no chance of colic from that. They thought they were going to have a “all you can eat buffet” but it only lasted approximately 15 minutes.

  6. sarah clark Says:

    horses all the world like the chance to have some fun we had that same sort of thing happend here in scotland the only diffrence being our old once got out the gate and just watched the others go for a walk down the road

  7. Stef Says:

    My mini got out a couple of months ago. Galloped madly up the street. The best way to catch is carrots. Once offered, never refused. That and shaking a bucket of pellets is enticement. Glad your horses all got back in without you or them getting hurt.

  8. Kay from Mill Springs Says:


    This sounds like something all my kids would have LOVED helping you with. It’s a shame it didn’t happen when we were there. . .they would have done all the running for you! Too bad someone didn’t film it. . . you would have made a fortune on America’s funniest home videos! We can’t wait to see you guys in January.

    Kay and the Gang from Mill Springs

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