Last Weekend of the Season and for J&J…

Our last guests for the season will be arriving soon and will stay through Sunday morning.  When they checkout we will officially be closed for about 6 weeks until mid-July when we re-open for the remainder of the year. It has been an incredible season with a lot of great times! and thanks to all the wranglers, staff, and of course the guests for making it so enjoyable. Updates on the staff – Trey is back in Canada on the Rodeo circuit and Scott is in Big Bear, CA with his wife Sherry at the YMCA camp. Craig is staying on this summer to watch over the ranch, dogs, cats, and horses with Randy. Jeremy, Jodi, and Sophie are leaving the ranch on Monday and will be moving back to Wisconsin and will be “replaced” by Dan and Carrie’s daughter, Vicki, and her husband, Tony, who have both lived and worked at the ranch in the past. Their will be more information on that in a later post as I just don’t want to close that chapter yet – still have 3 days left here at this beautiful ranch.

3 Responses to “Last Weekend of the Season and for J&J…”

  1. Annette - NY Says:

    Jeremy and Jodi, wishing you all the best in your new adventure! And hey, you’re closer to NY so you can come beat Bob at poker anytime! ;o)

    You’d better be blogging from Wisconsin, or at least training Vicki how to do it! Keep in touch!

  2. sarah clark Says:

    Jermey and jodi

    good luck with what ever your plans are

  3. Tony & Joanne England Says:

    Jeremy, Jodi and of course Sophie good luck in your new adventures in the wild world
    We will miss you when we return in September but we look forward to meeting Vickie & Tony

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