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Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The ranch is closed for the extended weekend for this much needed break from the busy past few weeks.  We have all adapted to the new roles being played at the ranch.  Dan & Carrie’s niece Mary has left us yesterday to head back to Wisconsin.  She was our on-site massage therapist and is moving back because she has become engaged to her boyfriend back home and she was only expected to stay at the ranch for a year.  We got her for a few extra months!  We wish her well in her driving trip back to the midwest.  Lilah and her will be greatly missed.  We do have a massage therapist in the nearby town of Lake Havasu City that will be coming out to the ranch to do massages.  Guests need to let us know if they are interested in receiving one ahead of time if possible.  Joanne is great and used to be our massage therapist before Mary moved to Arizona.

Vicki is a certified esthetician and will be offering facial waxing, along with facials and more starting in late September, as additional spa services.  More info on this to come….

We also welcome two additional wranglers to the team, Chuck and Steve.  Chuck lives locally in Arizona and is a veteran cowboy.  Steve is a friend of Jesse’s from back in Wisconsin and will be heading out to the ranch in September to help through the winter season.

We look forward to our upcoming guests.  Keep the comments coming!  Happy Trails!

Summer has been busy!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We apologize for the delay since our last posting on the blog.  We have been very busy since reopening in mid July.  Jeremy, Jodi and Sophie have finally settled into their house in Wisconsin.  They are doing well and Jeremy is managing a hotel now up in Wisconsin, and Jodi is able to work for the ranch from home and take care of Sophie, who is now 7 months!  We welcome back Dan & Carrie’s daughter Vicki and her husband Tony back to the ranch after being gone for two years.  Vicki helps around the ranch everywhere and takes over everything Jodi was doing.  Tony has taken over cooking for a few months from Randy, who is enjoying his time off from the ranch.  Tony used to be a chef back in Wisconsin and we must say, the food is fantastic.  We have had a great summer with new wranglers spending the summer with us before heading back to college.  Jesse has even decided to take a semester off of college and stay on through the winter season!  We will be posting more frequently now that everyone has settled into their new homes and taken on their new job duties.  We are enjoying all the guests we’ve had so far and can’t wait for many more to come in the upcoming months!