All Wrangler Positions are filled for the fall/winter season

We have filled our last wrangling positions at STGR.  We continue to have Craig and Jesse, who have been great assets to the riding program at the ranch.  We have now added Steve, a friend of Jesse’s from Wisconsin, who is adapting to the warmer Arizona weather nicely.  We also welcome wrangler Scott from Colorado who has done trail riding for many years.  We look forward to a great fall/winter season.

We will still be needing to fill a wrangling position in early February once Jesse and Steve head back to school in the Midwest.  If you are interested in wrangling at STGR from early February through May 2009, please email us at: and send us a detailed resume.  Thanks.  Giddy Up!

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  1. Lori Staton Says:

    We were wondering if you are looking for help or hiring. My husband and I are looking to change jobs for country ranch farm work of anykind. We can do alot of different things. We live in Las Vegas so it wouldn’t be hard for us to come for a tour or personal interview.

    Patrick and Lori Staton

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