Many Groups Return to STGR for a Week of Fun!

We’d like to extend a thank you to all of the guests that were at the ranch last week.  Everyone was a returning guest and many were on their 10++ visit!  One of the groups, dubbed “Nancy’s Group,” has once again created fond memories for everyone.  Many other guests returned this week just so they could join in on the fun that the various groups have brought over the years.  Friendship Ventures, a special needs group from Minnesota, was on their 10th visit, and they are always an inspirational group to have at our ranch.  We also enjoyed having our “Japanese Cowboys” come back for their 3rd year in a row and teach our guests origami.  A few pictures are included below.We thank all of our guests that continue to visit the ranch year after year, and we look forward to having everyone back next year and some of you back a little sooner than that.

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  1. Nancy Redmond Says:

    The gang always looks forward to our visit in October. It’s one of the highlights of our year. I enjoy being back with my “ranch family”, seeing my old friends and making new friends. It’s always a special surprise to see returning guests that I have met on previous visits. Thanks to everyone at Stagecoach Trails for making our visits so enjoyable! See you all again soon!

    Nancy of “Nancy’s group”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We have a new gang from California, the Meade-Hetzel-Less gang rode in from Carlsbad over the Thanksgiving weekend! We had such great time ridin’, eatin’ and singing and ridin’ some more!
    The little tykes came back exhausted, but full of sweet memories and cheer for the 2008 holiday season. We cannot wait to get back in February, 2009!

    Hearty thanks go to Craig, Jeff, Jesse and Steve, wrangler’s extrordinaire! Great riders, guides, story tellers (and cowboy poets).

    More thanks go to the horses, (especially Hoss & Banjo) all of whom are special, gentle and fun characters all in their own rights!

    Special thanks go to Amy, Carrie, Dan, Remy, Randy, Vicky and Tony for their kind hospitatlity, fun ‘n’ games spirit, and for providing the love in their hearts, warmth of their friendships, and smiles on their faces.

    To all, this is a special, magical place where dreams can come true, for all ages.

    See y’all very soon!

    Geoff of the Carlsbad Beach Gang!

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