Another little addition to the ranch family is on the way….

Dan and Carrie’s daughter, Vicki and her husband Tony, are pleased to announce they are expecting a baby on February 13, 2010.  The little cowgirl or cowboy will be the couple’s first child and Dan and Carrie’s second grandchild.  Everyone is very excited for another little one running around the ranch.  Although Jeremy, Jodi and Sophie (now almost 20 months) are back in Wisconsin, they do come and visit the ranch often and can’t wait for Sophie to have a little cousin to play with.  God’s blessings to the expectant couple!

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  1. Christine Armstrong Says:

    Hi Carrie/Jodie and all.

    I think we lost touch as I changed my e-mail provider, thought I had sent new address to everyone but perhaps not!
    Absolutely delighted to hear Vicki & Tony’s news, tell them both congratulations and we wish them both well in the coming months.
    Hope this finds you all well, we are all well unfortunately no ranch visit this year, credit crunch has hit the business so having to tighten our belts as they say.Hopefully next year!
    Please give our love to all, and hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Christine x
    PS Have been keeping up to date with Sophie’s pictures on flicker, can’t believe how grown up she is now and absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Tony & Joanne England Says:

    congratulations to you all
    that will mean we will have to visit again next year
    looking forward to seeing you all on 17th september including bump maybe
    love to you all Tony & Joanne
    ps we will have extra hugs when we arrive

  3. Lori Staton Says:

    Soon Sophie will have a cousin. Parenthood was fun. I loved it most of the time. My kids are all grown now but we had alot of happy moments. I’m a grandma now,though I don’t get to see the kids very often. I sure miss them.Congrats on your pregnancy.

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