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Summer has been busy!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We apologize for the delay since our last posting on the blog.  We have been very busy since reopening in mid July.  Jeremy, Jodi and Sophie have finally settled into their house in Wisconsin.  They are doing well and Jeremy is managing a hotel now up in Wisconsin, and Jodi is able to work for the ranch from home and take care of Sophie, who is now 7 months!  We welcome back Dan & Carrie’s daughter Vicki and her husband Tony back to the ranch after being gone for two years.  Vicki helps around the ranch everywhere and takes over everything Jodi was doing.  Tony has taken over cooking for a few months from Randy, who is enjoying his time off from the ranch.  Tony used to be a chef back in Wisconsin and we must say, the food is fantastic.  We have had a great summer with new wranglers spending the summer with us before heading back to college.  Jesse has even decided to take a semester off of college and stay on through the winter season!  We will be posting more frequently now that everyone has settled into their new homes and taken on their new job duties.  We are enjoying all the guests we’ve had so far and can’t wait for many more to come in the upcoming months!

Last Weekend of the Season and for J&J…

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Our last guests for the season will be arriving soon and will stay through Sunday morning.  When they checkout we will officially be closed for about 6 weeks until mid-July when we re-open for the remainder of the year. It has been an incredible season with a lot of great times! and thanks to all the wranglers, staff, and of course the guests for making it so enjoyable. Updates on the staff – Trey is back in Canada on the Rodeo circuit and Scott is in Big Bear, CA with his wife Sherry at the YMCA camp. Craig is staying on this summer to watch over the ranch, dogs, cats, and horses with Randy. Jeremy, Jodi, and Sophie are leaving the ranch on Monday and will be moving back to Wisconsin and will be “replaced” by Dan and Carrie’s daughter, Vicki, and her husband, Tony, who have both lived and worked at the ranch in the past. Their will be more information on that in a later post as I just don’t want to close that chapter yet – still have 3 days left here at this beautiful ranch.

Horses Break Out and go for Haystack…

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Wow, what a afternoon we had today. First of all the weather has been crazy the last 2 days – 3 days ago it was over 100 degrees and today it was in the upper 60’s to low 70’s during the day and it actually rained!!!! for the first time since mid-February. It was extremely windy one minute, and calm the next. While that is not crazy in itself, what happened 30 minutes before dinner indeed was – As I was walking up for dinner from my house (right next to horse pasture) It seemed that something wasn’t right, as there seemed to be a lot of horses running around and rearing up, but I thought for a second it might just be because it had been raining. After about 15 seconds I then realized that NO, a entire 1/5th of our corral full of horses had gotten loose, about 15 of them, and most were standing by the freshly delivered haystack having the “buffet of a lifetime” while a few others were showing off the fact they had escaped to the other horses still inside the other corrals – hence the rearing up and running around I had noticed. I called the wranglers down and we began to gather them one by one and most were cooperative. However, there were a few that wanted to have a little more “fun” shall we say (with the help of Tux our border collie herding them), and were not going to be caught just yet. And then came the rain! now it hasn’t rained in 3 months and we haven’t had this many horses get loose in many, many years, so the chances of both happening in one 20 minute period is slim to none. (more…)

Beautiful Sunset From Tonight…

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

While it is nice that we don’t often have clouds, sometimes they make for great sunsets like the one we had tonight.

Sunset at Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch

It has also cooled down a lot the last day or so and is only in the upper 70’s right now which is great!

Well Into the Hundreds…

Monday, May 19th, 2008

It has been very, very hot here the last 4 days as we went from perfect temps in the 80’s and 90’s to about 105 the last few days. Luckily though it is set to “cool” back off into the 80’s and 90’s by Wednesday…and remember folks – “it’s a dry heat!”

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Pink Shirt…

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

About 2 years ago we had a group of ladies stay with us that were all breast cancer survivors. They wore pink the entire trip – everything was pink from socks and shoes to shirts to bandanna’s and hats. Ever since then we have created a tradition of all wearing pink shirts on Wednesday nights for dinner. If you care to join us please bring along your pink shirt!

We have so many returning guests this week that we got a large group of people wearing pink and Henry S. (5x returning guests) was nice enough to take a picture of everyone.

Wear Pink on Wednesdays at the Ranch

Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

A well deserved Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there! We had a great one here as Sophie rolled completely over for the 1st time! She did it in room #8 while cleaning today and was a real Mothers Day treat for Jodi and Grandma. We even had the video camera on hand to catch it on tape.

Also Trey finally won his 1st horseshoe tournament with his partner Gloria (7th time returning), a well deserved win as they beat me and my partner Katja from Germany in a close championship match of 11 – 6.

The weather has been great with some days in the upper 80’s and some in the 90’s. We will probably be switching to our early-summer riding schedule soon with 1 ride before breakfast and 1 ride after breakfast. The afternoon rides will go out a little bit later as well to accommodate the heat.

Even though it is Mothers Day I wanted to post this pic I took of Daddy (Jeremy) and Sophie at sunset. To achieve the same effect when you are at the ranch just set your camera to manual mode if possible. Wait until sunset when you can achieve a very hight contrast. Then choose the fastest speed, usually in the thousandths of a second (2000-4000) and then choose the lowest ISO rating (50-100). Then get really low to the ground with the subject above as much of the horizon as possible and snap away.

Jeremy and Sophie at Sunset

Finally Went Golfing!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Well, we finally had a day off on Saturday and took advantage and went golfing at our favorite local course in Parker, Arizona – Emerald Canyon Golf Club. As of May 1st it is only $20 after 1pm for unlimited golf with a cart. It is probably the best golf deal in the entire world! as you will not find a better course for $20. If it was located anywhere near a major city it would easily be over $100 as it is just that spectacular and scenic. Trey and I ended up in a tie with 89’s and Randy and Dan are better off keeping their scores a secret!

Here are a few pics so you can see just how scenic it is. If you are interested in playing while you are in the area the only bad thing is that it is about 1.5 hours one way from the ranch.

Emerald Canyon Golf CoursePar 3 that is only 120 yards but very intimidating!The par 3’s green - you can see how far it drops down from the tee box!Dan and Trey looking for their errant tee shotsNow that is a tight fairway…but it has bumpers on each side which makes it much more funTrey hitting a booming drive right down the middleRandy trying to make a 50 footer….probably for triple bogey!Gila Monster - Very rare and poisonous but I always seem to see them at this courseAnother one hanging out in the bush - scary!

New Las Vegas Airport Shuttle Service

Friday, April 25th, 2008

There is a new Las Vegas Airport Shuttle service, River City Shuttle, that has began operating a strict, consistent, reliable schedule that picks up at McCarran Int’l Airport and drop off at the Pilot Truck Stop/Gas Station at exit #9 everyday that is located 22 miles from the ranch. The cost is $100 for the round trip. If you have more than two people in your group then this service is more expensive then renting a car but if you are afraid of driving the 145 mile trek to the ranch this can be used as a last resort. For singles or couples the cost may be about the same as a car rental but the best option is always to rent your own car and drive to/from the airport as it the most comfortable and gives you the most flexibility during your journey and stay with us. 99% off our guests drive themselves but this is always an option for those who just do not want to drive themselves.


Travel Information for Grand Canyon and Route 66…

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

For those interested in seeing The G.C. here are your three choices:

1. The Grand Canyon South Rim:

a. From the Ranch to the South Rim it is 3 1/2 hours each way. Cost is $20 per car and is where 95% of the visitors to the Grand Canyon enter.
b. Here are the reviews of the South Rim on (all good)
c. You can drive on the longest stretch of Route 66 either on the way there, way back, or not all. Taking that route allows you to visit any of the following – Keepers of the Wild Animal Park, Grand Canyon Caverns, and Seligman, Arizona (old Route 66 town).
d. Website with more information –

2. West Rim where the new Grand Canyon West Skywalk is located: