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Rynders Family Christmas

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Jeremy, Jodi, Sophie and Aubrey visited the family for Christmas and New Years.  Here are a few updated pictures of the family, including Sophie (3), Raygen (10 months) and Aubrey (3 months).

Christmas at the ranch

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

We have had another blessed Christmas holiday at Stagecoach Trails.  A full house, family from Wisconsin visiting and around 30 guests make our 9th holiday very special.  We continued our southwestern tradition of breaking the pinata on Christmas Eve.  This was an event in the book “Mystery in Arizona” with Trixie Belden.   That book was the inspriation for Carrie’s dream of owning a ranch when she grew up.  We had many children again this holiday and it was a great evening.  We thank all our repeat guests who have joined us, as well as the new ones.   We are looking forward to having you return next year.  Merry Christmas to all!

Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The ranch is closed for the extended weekend for this much needed break from the busy past few weeks.  We have all adapted to the new roles being played at the ranch.  Dan & Carrie’s niece Mary has left us yesterday to head back to Wisconsin.  She was our on-site massage therapist and is moving back because she has become engaged to her boyfriend back home and she was only expected to stay at the ranch for a year.  We got her for a few extra months!  We wish her well in her driving trip back to the midwest.  Lilah and her will be greatly missed.  We do have a massage therapist in the nearby town of Lake Havasu City that will be coming out to the ranch to do massages.  Guests need to let us know if they are interested in receiving one ahead of time if possible.  Joanne is great and used to be our massage therapist before Mary moved to Arizona.

Vicki is a certified esthetician and will be offering facial waxing, along with facials and more starting in late September, as additional spa services.  More info on this to come….

We also welcome two additional wranglers to the team, Chuck and Steve.  Chuck lives locally in Arizona and is a veteran cowboy.  Steve is a friend of Jesse’s from back in Wisconsin and will be heading out to the ranch in September to help through the winter season.

We look forward to our upcoming guests.  Keep the comments coming!  Happy Trails!

Last Weekend of the Season and for J&J…

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Our last guests for the season will be arriving soon and will stay through Sunday morning.  When they checkout we will officially be closed for about 6 weeks until mid-July when we re-open for the remainder of the year. It has been an incredible season with a lot of great times! and thanks to all the wranglers, staff, and of course the guests for making it so enjoyable. Updates on the staff – Trey is back in Canada on the Rodeo circuit and Scott is in Big Bear, CA with his wife Sherry at the YMCA camp. Craig is staying on this summer to watch over the ranch, dogs, cats, and horses with Randy. Jeremy, Jodi, and Sophie are leaving the ranch on Monday and will be moving back to Wisconsin and will be “replaced” by Dan and Carrie’s daughter, Vicki, and her husband, Tony, who have both lived and worked at the ranch in the past. Their will be more information on that in a later post as I just don’t want to close that chapter yet – still have 3 days left here at this beautiful ranch.

Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

A well deserved Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there! We had a great one here as Sophie rolled completely over for the 1st time! She did it in room #8 while cleaning today and was a real Mothers Day treat for Jodi and Grandma. We even had the video camera on hand to catch it on tape.

Also Trey finally won his 1st horseshoe tournament with his partner Gloria (7th time returning), a well deserved win as they beat me and my partner Katja from Germany in a close championship match of 11 – 6.

The weather has been great with some days in the upper 80’s and some in the 90’s. We will probably be switching to our early-summer riding schedule soon with 1 ride before breakfast and 1 ride after breakfast. The afternoon rides will go out a little bit later as well to accommodate the heat.

Even though it is Mothers Day I wanted to post this pic I took of Daddy (Jeremy) and Sophie at sunset. To achieve the same effect when you are at the ranch just set your camera to manual mode if possible. Wait until sunset when you can achieve a very hight contrast. Then choose the fastest speed, usually in the thousandths of a second (2000-4000) and then choose the lowest ISO rating (50-100). Then get really low to the ground with the subject above as much of the horizon as possible and snap away.

Jeremy and Sophie at Sunset

Happy Birthday Jodi!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Jodi!


Christmas Decorations Are All Gone…

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

We had a long day but we got all the Christmas decorations down in the Frontier Lodge and Hualapai Dining Room. We tend to put up a lot of decorations so it is usually takes a couple of days. However, with the help of the Pano family visiting and all the other great guests we had everything done in one day! Thanks everyone for all your help!

View of Frontier Lodge With Christmas Decorations

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Below you can see a 360 view of the Frontier Lodge with all the Christmas decorations. Use your mouse to click and drag 360 degrees around the room. You can spot “Fuzzy” up above the saloon doors as well. Sorry I didn’t have time to take one of the Hualapai Dining Room but it looked really nice as well.

New Bison In The Frontier Lodge – “Fuzzy”

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

We received a wonderful and unexpected gift from the Hansen family (Dan’s sister and brother-in-law) when they were visiting us over Christmas. Uncle Pete had Carrie’s name and as she opened a big box a huge buffalo head was staring at back at her! She absolutely couldn’t believe it, and first thought it was bigger version of a stuffed animal she had bought, but no – it was an actual stuffed buffalo mount that Uncle Pete found on eBay in WI where they live. He will keep his previous name of “Fuzzy” as he is just that. He hangs above the “Bison Room” in the Frontier Lodge. Thank you Hansen’s and Merry Christmas!


The Dogs Do a Christmas Dance…

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

This was sent to us by a guest and it is really funny to see our dogs “dancing!”

From left to right is: Tux, Reggie, Opey, and Gus